Building a Kafka playground on AWS — Part 2: The AWS Architecture

AWS Architecture for Kafka Deployment


AWS MSK Cluster



Cluster configuration list

AWS ECS Cluster


  • Task Definition: A task definition describes how a container should launch, memory and CPU required, the docker image, environment variables, etc.
ECS Task Definition
  • Service: Controls the state of running tasks. A Service points to a single Task Definition and it controls how many containers with the related task definition must be running at once, replaces failed tasks and exposes containers to external services, like a Load Balancer, for example.
ECS Services
ECS Container Instances

Container Communication

  • Communicating containers with Kafka (MSK)
List of MSK Brokers
KSQL Task Definition referencing list of Kafka brokers
  • How to make containers talk to each other
ECS Service pointing to a Route 53 endpoint
ECS Task Definition
  • How to make containers accessible through the browser
Schema Registry UI ports
Load Balancer Listener
ECS Service link to Load Balancer
Accessing Schema Registry UI




Data Engineering Team Lead @ Plexure | AWS Certified Solution Architect | LinkedIn:

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Maikel Penz

Maikel Penz

Data Engineering Team Lead @ Plexure | AWS Certified Solution Architect | LinkedIn:

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